Kousuke's new band!

Probably all of you have seen this already on Facebook, tumblr, ameba, or whatever social media you use, but I figured I'd announce it here just in case--

Deathgaze's Kousuke has joined a new band, Unveil raze!
A link to their website: http://www.unveil-raze.com/

and here's a "live digest" pre-Kousuke so you can get a feel for this new band's sound:

His first live with them will be 5/21!

a brief look at the past

The Euro Tour starts soon!!!!  Are we excited???

Here's something old for your files.  Takaki's old band, ASS'n'Arrow.

and here's a picture from those days.

At about that same time, Kousuke was doing vocals for metal band, Plasma Jet.

I'm not completely confident, but I do believe that this album is Kousuke on vocals (pretty freakin' awesome album if you're into death metal).

I hope you've enjoyed this brief moment back in time.

Deathgaze EU Tour Dates

From the Staff Blog, DATES have been announced for their European tour!!!! Looks like they'll be in Europe from July 4-17.  Are you guys EXCITED??? I'm not even in Europe and I'm excited. haha. \m/

czech republic's biggest outdoor rock festival "rock for the people 2013" performance determined!!
7月4日(木) Hradec Kralove(Czech Republic チェコ共和国)

Rock for the people relevant websites:


7月6日(土) La Boule noire(Paris, France パリ・フランス)
7月7日(日) the Underworld(London, UKロンドン・イギリス)
7月9日(火) Werkstatt(Cologne, Germanyケルン・ドイツ )
7月10日(水) Knust(Hamburg, Germanyハンブルグ・ドイツ)
7月12日(金) Firlej(Wroclaw, Polandオストラヴァ・ポーランド)
7月13日(土) Szene Wien(Wien, Austriaウィーン・オーストリア)
7月15日(月) Feierwerk(Munich, Germanyミュンヘン・ドイツ)
7月17日(水) Plan B(Moscow, Russiaモスクワ・ロシア )

New releases and tours

"The band announced a new single that is scheduled to be released in May. To celebrate their 10th anniversary they will also release a Best Album in July. Titles and release dates aren’t available yet.

And there’s another great announcement!
DEATHGAZE will go on European Tour that is titled "THE END OF LAST DECADE"! They haven’t revealed the dates and cities yet but we know that they have a live in Japan on April 7th and they will go on Japan tour from July 28th to September 23rd"

taken from jpopasia

Deathgaze official fan club start!!

Announced in Ai's blog:


basic translation of all the info:


Next year, 2013 is Deathgaze's 10th year as a band.
For that, they will be starting the "Deathgaze official fan club "creatures."

membership fee
4000Y annual fee/1000Y initiation fee

membership will include:
membership certificate
admission gift
access to special member's only website
access to special band member's blogs
access to fan club only goods
special FC tickets
a quarterly 'report'
special e-mail news

and maybe, some other special things.

application entry will start 11/21/2012
a banner on their website will be posted.

for the first 10 days of December the FC website is scheduled to be open (to all people...I think? so you can see what you'll be missing if you don't join???).


I clicked on the banner on their website and it mostly says the same thing.  As well as explains the application process.  It doesn't say that membership is restricted to residents of japan, but if you're wondering maybe you should send them an e-mail and ask before trying to send them all your money. :)  It does, however, say that if you're under 18 you need your guardians permission. 

recent blog news


On 10/16 Kousuke wrote an upset/depressed blog entry.  It was about his little brother dying very suddenly.  I was sleeping and by the time I woke up he had erased it so I can't tell you what it might have said.  He wrote a 2nd blog on 10/16 explaining that he didn't mean to worry everyone and that he deleted the upset entry. 

Ai's and Takaki's latest blogs are about the death as well. 
Kousuke's little brother was a part of all their lives and they seem quite struck by the sudden loss.
Please send Kousuke (and the other members) some love 'cause he probably needs a lot of it right now.


new fan mail address and rumors

Deathgaze is changing their "office," and request that starting October 1st you write any fan mails (or send gifts, etc) to their new address:

〒465-0007 名古屋市名東区香坂501 香坂ビル2F North "BEVAULT"内「DEATHGAZE」○○宛

In English it should be something like:

member's name
North "BEVAULT", 2F Kosaka Building,
501 Kosaka, Meito-ku, Nagoya-shi,
Aichi Prefecture 465-0007 Japan

Why are they changing address you ask?
I have no solid facts, but they may no longer belong to the Enter Brain label. 
And the rumor in Japan is that BEVAULT is Ai's homemade label.  That Deathgaze has 'declared Independence'. 
???  rumors rumors rumors.  aren't they fun?