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Deathgaze official fan club start!!

Announced in Ai's blog:

basic translation of all the info:


Next year, 2013 is Deathgaze's 10th year as a band.
For that, they will be starting the "Deathgaze official fan club "creatures."

membership fee
4000Y annual fee/1000Y initiation fee

membership will include:
membership certificate
admission gift
access to special member's only website
access to special band member's blogs
access to fan club only goods
special FC tickets
a quarterly 'report'
special e-mail news

and maybe, some other special things.

application entry will start 11/21/2012
a banner on their website will be posted.

for the first 10 days of December the FC website is scheduled to be open (to all people...I think? so you can see what you'll be missing if you don't join???).


I clicked on the banner on their website and it mostly says the same thing.  As well as explains the application process.  It doesn't say that membership is restricted to residents of japan, but if you're wondering maybe you should send them an e-mail and ask before trying to send them all your money. :)  It does, however, say that if you're under 18 you need your guardians permission. 
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