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Sep. 4th, 2012


Days of Death broadcast

Ai posted this info on his blog today. 
Basically the 3 days of death will be broadcasting on HTV #459.  Probably not the whole live, just bits and pieces with some interviews is what the website seems to say.
At first I thought maybe it was broadcasting on the internet, but after checking out the website it links to I'm guessing not.
If you happen to have cable in Japan here's the info:

HTV #459
airing on
Monday 24:30~24:54

and rebroadcasting on
tuesday: 24:30~24:54 
Wed 24:30~24:54 
Thurs 24:30~24:54
Fri  24:30~24:54 
Sat  24:30~24:54

8月16~18日に名古屋で開催した3DAYS公演「 DEATH
SUMMER - III DAYS OF DEATH -」の模様がスターキャットチャンネ

※この番組はHeartLand STUDIO店頭放映でも見る事が出来ます。

Aug. 29th, 2012


new profile pictures, old band video

Hello Everyone!!!

As you may have noticed (it's impossible to escape if you're on tumblr), Deathgaze put up some new pictures on their official website.  So be sure to check those out.  --> deathgaze.jp/profile.html

And here's a very old video that some of you may or may not have seen before.  It's from Naoki's old band, Kusse.  Many of you might also recognize the singer...Hazuki, of lynch.  They were about 16 or 17 in this video.  <3


Aug. 26th, 2012


New single and tour

So there's been rumors, but Deathgaze has, finally, officially announced it...

New Single, Dead Blaze, will be released Nov 21!!!!

Followed by a oneman tour:

9月1日(土)よりOfficial Web先行開始!!
(pre-order will start on Sept 1)

12月5日(水) 札幌KRAPS HALL
12月6日(水) 札幌KRAPS HALL
12月8日(土) 盛岡club change
12月11日(火) 水戸LIGHTHOUSE
12月13日(木) 横浜BAYSIS
12月16日(日) 浜松STUDIO FORCE
12月21日(金) 新潟RIVESRT
12月22日(土) 新潟RIVESRT

1月19日(土) KYOTO MUSE
1月20日(日) KYOTO MUSE
1月23日(水) 姫路BETA
1月25日(金) 金沢AZ
2月2日(土) 高松Olive Hall
2月3日(日) 松山SALON KITTY
2月6日(水) 周南rise
2月9日(土) 福岡DRUM SON
2月10日(日) 福岡DRUM SON
2月23日(土) 新宿BLAZE

Aug. 12th, 2012


New Fan Page on Facebook

I started a Hungarian Fan Page on Facebook, if you interested in, you can click the link:

Deathgaze Hungary:

Thanks in advance for the visitors! :)

Jul. 23rd, 2012


new comment vid

a new comment video on shinseido --> http://www.shinseido.co.jp/Artist?PROP_ID_50300=45887&topicCd=artist

It'll make you smile.  I promise! :D
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Jul. 2nd, 2012

Smiley Hazuki


New Community ~ ChinFluffLove

Hi there! I hope this is okay to post here! ^^

I just thought I'd share the new JRocker community that me and the lovely chinfluffhanaji have collaborated together to create, where we can flail over J-Rockers with a bit of "chin fluff" a.k.a facial hair ^^"

Now you might think that this only applies to the more "heavier/manly" of J-Rock bands & their members (Such as our lovely Kaoru and Kyo from Dir en Grey as well as Lynch.) but we thought it was important to include our lovely V-Kei & Nagoya Kei acts as well, so we want to share even the tiniest of sideburns! xD

So! We just made it to have fun with it really! So it would mean a lot to us if you could join! (*^^*) If you have a funny pic of a Jrocker with some lovely facial fluffiness, whether it be absolutely gorgeous or breathtakingly funny, then you can post it right ahead to us and share once you become a member!!

Here it issss~ chinflufflove ~ it'll be great to have DEATHGAZEDEATH as an affiliate too!

Thank you so much, if this post is not allowed then please notify me and remove it!

But thank you for reading! Hope to see you there!! ^^"

Jun. 24th, 2012


cure interview vol. 3

I found a translation of an interview in Cure on an iphone app.  And since it was a free app I figure it's okay to share. Some of the translations are a little funky sometimes, but it's an interesting read.  It's right after Takaki joined and, for the most part, about "BLOOD." 


DEATHGAZE Interview from Cure Vol. 3

hereCollapse )

Jun. 14th, 2012


kousuke twitter


just read my twitter feed and found out:  KOUSUKE has started an official twitter account.  If you have an account and haven't added him yet...go do it now!! XDD


According to Ai, Kousuke had a hard time coming up with a name for his twitter account because it was limited to 15 characters so he couldn't put his name, followed by the band's name like Ai had done.  So instead we get WILD_DEATHGAZE.  lol. 

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Mar. 27th, 2012



Hello everyone!!

Just wanted to keep everyone updated since we're all anxiously waiting for their new album.  :D

A new DeathTV 'episode' has been uploaded onto their official website.  Just to talk about the release of "Creature," not much exciting, but...it's always nice to see an update.

Also on their website and blogs is a small banner with short samples of every song on the new, upcoming album.  I've listened to them a few times and can say I'm definitely looking forward to "NEWBORN-wrongful life;" it sounds like it will be so much fun live!  What song are you most looking forward to hearing?

Just a reminder --> official website is here!

Feb. 20th, 2012



Hey everbody! 2011 Premium Night preview is available on youtube:


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